Pacifc Summit Energy


Natural Gas Services

PSEs Gas Desk began with the inception of the company in 2004. Initially, PSE functioned primarily as a West physical gas trading company, but has since expanded its gas geographic footprint to include the Northeast, Mid-Continent, along with a Mid-Atlantic presence in the United States Gulf Coast.

Power Trading

PSE began its Power Desk in April 2012 and is active in both physical and financial markets throughout almost all electricity markets in the United States. Our geographically diverse portfolio includes more than 60 North American power locations. As a leading participant in energy swaps and OTC options, we have a significant presence in ICE and NYMEX futures and options.

Crude Oil Desk

PSE started its Crude Desk in July 2014, and is currently active in financial markets in both Texas and Oklahoma. We will be looking to expand into the physical markets by the summer of 2015.


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