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Sumitomo Corporation ( is one of the worlds leading fully integrated trading and investing enterprises and a major distributor of commodities, industrial products and consumer goods. Besides its role as an international trader, Sumitomo Corporation is an active investor in a diverse range of businesses that integrate with existing operations or position the Company in markets with long-term potential.

Sumitomo Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has offices in 73 countries around the world.

Sumitomo Corporation is actively involved in projects for oil and natural gas development as well as long-term projects for LNG. Sumitomo has production in the North Sea, Indonesia, the Middle East and the United States and is working to acquire further production and exploration interests in Asia and Oceania.

LNG Japan, a jointly owned company with Sojitz Corporation, manages one-third of Japan’s LNG imports (

Sumitomo Corporation is also focused on investment and infrastructure development of electric power projects and is an equity partner in the Hermiston power plant, located in the U.S., Pacific Northwest and other plants worldwide.


Established in 1952 and headquartered in New York, Sumitomo Corporation of America ( is the largest wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, with offices in 10 major US cities and throughout the American hemisphere.

As an integrated global trading firm with diversified investments, assets and trading businesses in North America, Sumitomo Corporation of America works closely with its parent as an organizer of multinational projects and financier.

The Company’s principal business activities include domestic manufacturing, trade import/export, counter trade, investments, financing, leasing, distribution, project management, discovery and application of new technologies and development of natural resources.

The Company’s principal areas of business focus are: Mineral Resources & Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Chemicals & Plastics, Foodstuffs & Fertilizers, Information Technology, Media & IT, Machinery & Electronics, Non-Ferrous Raw Materials, Ferrous Raw Material & Rolled Steel, Real Estate, Transportation Systems and Tubular Products.

Sumitomo Corporation is part of the Sumitomo Group of companies. For a full listing of the Sumitomo Group of Companies please click the link: